Frequently Asked Questions

1Do you have 24hr access?
Yes, you can easily access your mail 24 hours a day with a secure pin code.
2How can I check if I have mail?
You are free to come in and check your mailbox during our hours of operation, and after closing with your secure pin code. Also, we will alert you by phone when you have a package that has arrived.
3Can I forward my mail?
Yes, you can forward your mail.
4Do you have a copier?
Yes, our copier is available during normal business hours.
5When does FedEx Express pickup?
FedEx Express picks up Monday - Friday at 5 pm.
6When does FedEx Ground pickup?
FedEx Ground picks up Monday - Friday at 4 pm.
7When does USPS pickup?
USPS picks up Monday - Friday at 4:30 pm, and at 2 pm on Saturdays.

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